Once again, thank you for your writings. This one hits close to home. I’ve seen numerous cases of dementia getting much worse in the elderly after the mRNA shot. It’s so sad…families refuse to see the causation. In one case close to me, the 90yo man, who was brilliant and still at it one year ago, has gone downhill so fast, it’s shocking. My experiences with BP meds for a few months 20+yrs ago, and a short stint (no pun intended lol) on statins after a cardiac scare in early 2020 after what we think was very early case of covid, have opened my eyes to the issues with pharmaceuticals. The book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” played a big part in that eye opening. Getting off sugar and refined carbs, exercise and taking the supplements recommended has transformed me. Lost weight and normal BP now. That said, I’m pretty discouraged with our current medical establishment… I wish you were my Doctor.

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The short answer of why we can't cure Alzheimer's: fraud.

Fraud on every level. Criminal fraud.

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Thank you so much for writing about this. My dear friend in her mid-fifties is another victim of post-vax Alzheimer’s. About a month or two after her second shot everything suddenly went off the rails. The speed with which it is destroying her is horrifying. Another friend is also having severe neurological (possibly Parkinson’s) symptoms after vaccination. And I know four older (70+) who are also experiencing alarmingly rapid decline after being vaccinated. Each shot makes it worse, as does the virus. My father in law is now showing signs after three shots and then acquiring Covid. My one dear friend already passed away last summer. I have never seen anything like the psychosis he experienced, and I am a clinical social worker. This is such all such a nightmare. I really do not understand how more people don’t see what is happening.

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I haven’t even read your article yet, but just your statement that lots of what our elderly folks experience nowadays is a consequence of what has been done to them/us makes me roil. Not that you say it, but that my gut tells me it is true.

For many years I have been angry whenever I hear people (family, drs, patients themselves) dismiss ails and new limitations as simply the consequences of aging. Hogwash.

Now, of course not every 80 year old is as spry or lumber as every 2 year old.

However, this dismissing of difficult symptoms like fatigue or memory loss or pains and such as “just age” really makes me mad. Because inevitably this is the excuse for not addressing the problem or doing anything to make it better.

My husband (not old) was experiencing profound fatigue due to a prescribed med. his family Dr asked about it (thankfully) but then said, yeah, we can give that to older folks but the young folks like you get too tired on that one. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ As if it doesn’t matter if the older folks get tired or not. 😡

Okay, back to your article.

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I'm currently reading the excellent book, "Turtles all the Way Down". It delves into the entire story about vaccines. I think it's a must read for everyone, and especially parents, or would be parents. The discussion about vaccines should accelerate.

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This major study showed a 69 percent reduction in develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Obviously it was squelched by Big Pharma and shut down. No money to be made on out of patent drug.



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 The too big to fail observation that the author made is incredibly perceptive and I believe explains much of the ills of our society. Propping up the biggest banks, not taking on the big tech monopolies, and yes allowing the paradigms of big Pharma and big medicine to prevail when they have clearly failed are among the examples.

I was a patient of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez the brilliant cancer researcher and doctor. I was cured of incurable advanced metastatic cancer through his program of diet, enzymes and detox as were hundreds if not thousands of others. And despite his brilliance, his track record, his adherence to the scientific method, the many books he wrote he was smeared and slandered over and over again by the medical establishment to the detriment of the millions of people who may have benefited from his protocol. 

I got to know him quite well over the 20 years I was as patient and it was clear after his work was brutally and dishonestly slandered he personally never recovered which probably contributed to his premature passing a few years ago.

A candidate who runs on a platform that promotes the fearless takedown of the numerous too big to fail institutions in this country would I believe be able to garner significant support from the left, right and center.  

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Oct 8, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Blaming the plagues for Alzheimer’s is like blaming the ashes for the fire. It never made sense to me but thanks to your writings, I am starting to know why it’s still incurable. I am also hopeful.

Thank you for your elegant and concise writings. You can “paint” the forest and the tree at the same time.

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Oct 8, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

What about the doctor who was given some 200 brains of patients that died with Alzheimer and found 185 or so to be high in Mercury. He requested the dental records that confirmed patients had plenty filings, handed in his findings and was taken off the job.

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Oct 9, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

My mother who had never taken a flu shot ( nor the fake covid vax), takes no medications, is healthy, walks every day, still drives a car, plays golf and is 89 years old has a motto " I don't doctor". I think that is the key.

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Awesome article. Thank you for writing it. You break things down to a level of understanding (even something I can understand!)

I noticed that you use the terms "Alzheimer's" and "dementia" interchangeably.

As someone who spent 4 contentious years with a father who (somewhat overnight) developed dementia after what I believe was from flu vaccines, I always thought that Alzheimer's could only be diagnosed postmortem. Although my dad's death certificate lists one of the causes of death as Alzheimer's, there was no postmortem autopsy.

My father, who spent his career in Sales, was always in voracious denial about the decline of his mental faculties. The fact that his physical state was Grade A/excellent, made his denial ever the more difficult.

One trip to the NJ Veteran's Hospital (dad was a WW2 veteran), comes to mind.

We had scheduled a visit for evaluation in year 2 of his mental decline. When entering the physician's office, dad talked amicably with the doctor and joked (like any salesman would). When the doctor asked dad "Joe, what is today's date?", dad responded "Oh I don't worry about those things." The doctor persisted "OK but can you tell me what is today's date?" Dad continued "As I said, I don't worry about those things." So the doctor said "OK, but for MY benefit, can you tell me, what is today's date?"

And dad replied "Oh, if I knew YOU needed to know the date, I would have brought in the newspaper."

Dad could recite his Social Security number and his Army discharge date, but could not remember any detail from a few minutes prior. Dementia is a HARD disease/condition to watch devour a loved one; a slow, debilitating, horror show. I knew the moment dad died because I felt his spirit flow thru my body as he called my name. It was the most powerful experience of my life.

Thank you for this article. I always look forward to your insight, experience, and excellent references.

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I think so many things like cancer, dementia, heart disease, etc. are caused by the medical and nutrition industries. People always ask, “why isn’t there a cure for cancer? “ The answer is because the people we are putting our health’s trust into are the ones who created the problem.

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Fasting! I’m recently (again) learning of the myriad benefits of fasting, not the least of which is the power of autophagy for cancer prevention/treatment. If fasting triggers your system to remove damaged/problematic cells, wouldn’t it stand to reason it would also remove amyloid plaques from the brain??? What if the simple, FREE practice of regular fasting is the cure?

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Oct 8, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Same as covid and climate. Looking in the wrong places and believing the narrative.

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Oct 8, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Great article! I’m very much looking forward to part 2.

I’ve also seen the rapid-onset dementia. I’m trying to help a woman get appropriate services for her husband who took a quick dive, and I’m finding the system is not set up for this. Best they have been able to do so far is basically to keep him heavily sedated at home. It’s really upsetting.

I appreciated your discussion about how common chronic disease is often the manifestation of a maladaptive-but-normal physiologic process.

I work a lot with PD, and in my framework, that’s a maladaptive-but-normal process. It’s a flight-or-fight Qi pattern (which we all need) that never returns to normal. The consequences of getting stuck there are obviously devastating, and isn’t it interesting how Parkinson’s looks like flight, fight or freeze.

If I can catch someone early, “miracles” are possible, but the average time that someone shows up at my office with PD is 5 years in and taking 2-3 drugs which further complicates things. The goal changes significantly at that point. Stop the momentum and stabilize if possible.

Each patient is different, and I hate how “standard of care” has changed medicine. Grateful for docs like you who still employ their own brains to treat patients.

Thank you for using your time and talent to write here!

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I am not a huge fan of TED talks but this is one about Alzheimer's and coconut oil is the only one that I've bookmarked. The more than one thousand comments sound promising.


Whether it's about Alzheimer's, diabetes, or just being healthier. I think trying something to help issues that's safe and healthy is worth a try.

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