As a many decade practitioner who has made it my mission to always put the patient in front of the line, I have always believed that the thousands of years old statement by Hippocrates of Kos still says it best:

"It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has".

That has always been prominently displayed everywhere I work and I take it seriously. Much of the misdirection in medicine has come from the seductive ease of dealing with the disease rather than the person. Those of us that have been battling that approach for years are encouraged by the increasing numbers of good folk that are recognizing this.

Glad you are doing what you are doing. There cannot be enough people doing so.

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I have worked in the "forgotten side of medicine" for many decades. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and specialised in raw herb treatments, hands-on healing and teaching self diagnosis.

In 2003 the UK government made the import of many Chinese raw herbs illegal citing bogus stories of toxicity or risk. I was put out of business, sold up and moved to Spain where I bought an off-grid fruit farm.

Subsequently I realised that I could grow many of the vital herbs I needed or I could forage for them on the mountainside where I lived.

Now, back in the UK, retired and getting past my prime I have been mortified by the grip allopathic medicine has on the public. There is abject panic perpetrated by the media and politicians making proclamations about health, a subject that few of them truly understand. Just looking at the state of them tells me this....

The forgotten side of medicine is ancient and obscured from view. Allopathy is relatively young and rammed in our faces 24/7. If you are really keen to explore the old forgotten ways be prepared for a lengthy study, a lot of opposition, even death threats or attempts.

Be wise to the motivation of the profession you represent. It will do everything it can to suppress the truth and preserve its self esteem.

I warn you. The Rockefeller Institute created hatred for the old ways and it is unlikely to stand by and watch its dominion over our thought processes decline.

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I am also a midwestern doctor, now retired. During my first year at medical school I realized that allopathic treatments were merely symptomatic and did not address underlying conditions. Excise the tumor, but do not determine why the cancer occurred. Give pills for fever or high blood pressure, but ignore their causes. I finally became a general practitioner who delivered babies naturally at home, and encouraged breastfeeding and healthy nutrition. I was strongly influenced by my mentor Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. I never wrote a single prescription for oral contraceptives. I fitted diaphragms for child spacing. I loved my practice because I was able to protect most of my young families from unnecessary or toxic drugs. By attending my patients in their homes, I was able to know my families, and thus customize their medical care. Thank you for your excellent contribution as a "real" doctor!

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Immediately after being born I was circumcised, then started on pasteurized milk (never breast fed), received all the required - and forced - vaccinations, medicated for every sneeze and fever, fed nothing but cereals, white flour and sugar and then tossed out into the world at 18 like a factory producing infants. My God, I can't believe I made it to this point. Spent an entire life trying to undo all that damage. Point is, I did it myself through self-study without doctors and without medicine.

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I went to nursing school and then spent 5 years in labor and delivery. While loved helping to bring babies into the world, it was hard for me to be away from my own children 12 hours a day and so we made the decision for me to stay home to care for my own kids.

When the whole covid thing started my nursing instincts kicked in and even after not practicing for a couple decades I remembered things about natural immunity and illness. Fauci is a big fat liar.

As I watch the horrific events occurring at hospitals where they are getting paid to put people on vents, doctors who chose to give their patients remdesivir which causes kidney failure and death and/or sending sick people home so they can get sicker and then not helping them, made me really think critically about hospitals and my own Doctor who was a family friend and whom I trusted.

When I went in for my yearly physical he berated me for not taking the shot. He sent me messages through our medical portal so, at the time VAERS had 10k deaths and I sent him a link to VAERS and told him to stop messaging me and I no longer wanted to be his patient not only that I then received a message/survey from the clinic. I gave them an honest response but apparently honesty meant nothing and the large hospital he works for promoted him. I was disgusted.

I found another doctor who spent numerous years in ER but now had his own private practice. I made an appt to interview him with my 73 year old mom and he was caring, thoughtful and NO MASK! He explained he already had covid as did I and that he didn't need a mask and it was up to me if I wanted to wear one. He was willing to prescribed IVM and HQN if I needed it from a compounding pharmacy. His values aligned with mine. I liked him and now I have switched to him.

I think what needs to happen is for doctors and nurses to come together and be in private practice so they can treat people with real medicine and care. Stop allowing big conglomerate hospitals to dictate what medications you can give to patients so that YOU as a Dr. can do what you are trained to do which is care and love the human race. Patients will seek out your honesty & reliability. I also wish that doctors looked into remedies that were not connected to Big Pharma. There are lot of natural remedies that can help a person and big pharma (whom I also do not trust any more) doesn't have to be part of the equation.

Bottom line is I loved my old doctor, but I no longer trusted him. He pushed that shot on me and my partner and I am furious with him because my partner thought this doctor was doing what was best for him and took the shot then hid it from me for 6 months.

Truth is, I think thr doc is getting paid to push the shots which makes me wonder what happened to his hypocritic oath? What happened to "Do No Harm?" What happen to this guy that he quit caring for humans and loved his pocket book more?

I often wonder if he is seeing more illness in his practice. Are people dying from his malpractice and if so, has he put 2&2 together and realized he has blood on his hands?

Midwestern Doc and any other docs out there, if you have not succumbed to the hypnosis and abuse that has been brought before you, I hope that you are standing up for patients rights and educating them about what these shots have done and what they are doing to the human race world wide. It's a travesty, it's an assult on the world and her people and it takes good people like you to help us heal....literally.

I appreciate your substacks. Keep on doing it and I'll keep on sharing!

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I have read all your posts to date and really enjoy learning more from you, so thank you. I am a nascent holistic herbalist who does not shun pharmaceuticals, but also believes that thousands of years of herbs (pre Rockefeller demolishing the other practices of medicine) should have a place in prevention and healing as well. My decision to become a holistic herbalist came out of the covid-era; however, I have been curious about the health of our country for a long time. The U.S. population is so extraordinarily unhealthy. To put it into a sobering description, the U.S. is the most chronically diseased nation in documented human history. Approximately 245 million U.S. citizens are overweight or obese, 130 million citizens have diabetes or prediabetes, nearly 60% of the population have some degree of heart disease, 70 million citizens have digestive diseases, upwards of 50 million citizens have autoimmune diseases, and this is just for starters. With approximately 45 percent of the U.S. population being clinincally obese and trending up, we’re set to cross half of the population being clinically obese within the next few years. There isn’t a word to describe how troubling this is. It is my opinion that we must start with the soil and stop GMO farming practices. We are what we eat and the food system is the foundation of health. I grow Tulsi basil and make a tea to drink daily. My stress levels have come down since I started this practice. If our immune system is strong, then we can fight disease better, yet the US spends trillions of dollars on drugs to make us 'better' and we are the sickest country in the world. When well over 99% of the infectious diseases that humanity has ever faced have been overcome by natural immunity. The existence of natural immunity has never been in question. What deserves to be in question is the artificially derived immunity from newly invented biologics that, as the data indicates, wear out faster than fake jewelry. All the while, it’s been a gold rush for drug companies who are capitalizing on the collective ignorance and fear of our population. Your articles are part of the light that shines on these Dark creatures who indoctrinate, intimidate, cajole, manipulate, and just plain LIE, LIE, LIE. Please keep writing, because I am one of the people whose lives you are changing with your history lessons. Thank you and be well.

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Dear Doctor,

You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the removal of spirit. Once we removed God from our consciousness and culture, the results were very predictable, and medicine is a prime example. In this secular society, the patient is no longer seen as a child of God, worthy of respect and compassion. Doctors have immense power, and without a sense of the value of every person, a conscience, this can lead to impersonal, callous treatment or worse. I've experienced this firsthand, and it is chilling, and my experience is all too common. It has intensified during this "pandemic". We no longer wonder how atrocities such as those in Nazi Germany could have happened. We are seeing it unfold before our very eyes. I will never forgive these doctors who refused early treatment for COVID and pushed the vax, when there was enough information to show that it was ineffective and dangerous. They have blood on their hands and should be held accountable.

As Dr. K points out, dealing with a disease, rather than a patient, changes the entire process and lead us to where we find ourselves today. Throw in corruption and pay-offs and it gets worse. The State of California gave physicians a bonus of $50,000. for pushing the vax.

Of course there are exceptions, but sadly they are rare. At this point, I am done with allopathic medicine. The past two years have been revelatory, but in an odd way, freeing.

May God bless you as you fight for truth and integrity.

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Thank you! You asked me to read and so I did. Your voice is beautiful and important.

I wonder too that being a doctor is being a really good detective and many might not be gifted at this, but also the time constraints they put themselves under or are subject to do not give them the ability to do good work.

Thank you again.

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I am Asian and migrated to the West. I always felt that too much of Western society has been over medicated...seeking from a pill what in traditional societies, a sense of community , wholesome food would have sorted out.

I am hoping Covid will promote a resurrection of family, living closer to the Earth and seeking meaning in our lives not found in materialism

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Thank you. You and others on line who are committed to sharing the truth, are what keeps me, and I'm sure many others, sane!

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May 28, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Thank you for your writing! While not an MD I do work in an alternative chronic pain clinic and see the destruction that the sick care system has produced.

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You mistakenly or charitably write, "[E]ven in “flyover country” there are a lot of good people doing their best to make things better." I would have begun, "Especially in flyover country, " or "Even in the coastal areas, ..." (I'm a grammar Nazi, so I include a comma in either version.)

The coastal areas are filled with mindless followers of the TheScience(TM), useful idiots to the last for Pharma and for genocidal sociopaths.

An example is Cambridge, Maskachusetts, where I lived from 2011 (until fleeing in 2020 due to the dangerous level of mass delusional psychosis).

One of the expensive elite private schools, Cambridge Montessori, just put its students back in masks (after a few whole weeks of unobstructed breathing).

Meanwhile, children ages 12+ in Cambridge public schools have to be jabbed to participate in sports and other after-school activities. The lunches are still what a friend there calls prison lunches: When it's too cold to make the kids eat outside (for their safety, of course), they eat inside all facing the same direction with no talking with one another (and sometimes with videos playing to further discourage talking to each other).

After removing the enjoyable and healthy parts of schooling (time to talk with friends and to be active), all that's left of Cambridge schooling is Convid fear mongering, political indoctrination, and menticide via math and reading misteaching.

How can a child to survive years of such warfare against them with mind, body, and soul intact?

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Thank you, Doctor. We need to shine the light on the darkness. Many will and have closed their eyes to the truth💞

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Dec 10, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Thank you sir for providing all of the information. Your the kind of doctor I could only dream of having.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Keep up your fight for awareness and truthfulness. "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." ~ Robertson Davies. We need more prepared minds!!!

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Thank you for all the great work you're doing.

A couple of years ago, I found some doctors and biologists claiming there was no credible scientific evidence that viruses exist, and initially dismissed their arguments as nonsense without exploring further. More experts began speaking out, and I began listening to interviews with them. Their discussion points made perfect sense and I could find no logical inconsistencies to their arguments. So I've spent the last 6 months reading virology papers, and am now convinced they are correct.

I've asked some fellow scientists and some of my top postgrad students to look into this as well, and none of us can find any problems with the statements or evidence they provide. Learning all this has been one of the biggest shocks of my life. I would strongly encourage you to look into this and would appreciate your thoughts on this if you have time.

I suggest you start with this video interview. It is succinct, clearly articulated, and captures the main problems with the 3 lines of evidence used to claim viruses exist in the virology literature: https://www.brighteon.com/08e2ac4b-461e-4852-b8cf-2c2bded2a1ea

And after that, watch this excellent new documentary by Dr Bailey and colleagues, which summarises the arguments/evidence further, and provides evidence-based alternative explanations for all of the documented pandemics thus far: https://paradigmshift.uscreen.io/catalog

If that link doesn't work for you, you may need to register (it's free for the first part and NZ$12 for the other 4 - well worth the money. I am not involved with this production and am not profiting from it in any way, but found it is one of the clearest, most complete, and most interesting summaries of all the evidence these doctors and biologists have gathered: https://drsambailey.com/videos/sneak-peek-the-viral-delusion/

And here is the original publication that launched this whole virus isolation paradigm, creating the gold standard approach still used today: https://pubmedinfo.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/propagation-in-tissue-cultures-of-cytopathogenic-agents-from-patients-with-measles.pdf

-Note that when they "isolated" the measles virus in this paper, they clearly state that nobody has ever successfully taken fluid from a person sick with the measles and isolated the virus from all other biological material in the fluid. To get around this problem, while "isolating", instead of removing everything but the virus, they add a host of other ingredients to the fluid including monkey kidney cells, antibiotics, and other things. As the cells in the fluid starve and die, smaller particles are released. They then choose one and say it might be the measles virus. For example, "Numerous attempts have been made in the past to propagate the agent of measles in lower animals, in chick embryos and in tissue

cultures. The results of different investigators were often at variance or directly


-Note also that they never do the same thing with a control condition, e.g., take fluid from a person sick with a virus other than measles, or take fluid from a healthy person, to see if the same virus particles emerge. When Stefan Lanka finally did this experiment recently, that is exactly what he found. Even with no human saliva, the same "virus" particles emerged. Therefore, they are likely components of dying monkey cells or other, rather than the measles "virus".

-Note the conclusion, "While there is no ground for concluding that the factors in vivo (within a live human body) are the same as those which underlie the formation of giant cells and the nuclear disturbances in vitro (in the glass petri dish), the appearance of these phenomena in cultured cells is consistent with the properties that a priori might be associated with the virus of measles."

-Also, the conclusion from the paper is very tentative, "Of the numerous experiments that have been reported in the past describing the successful isolation of the etiologic agent of measles only those in which monkeys were employed as the experimental animal have

been consistently confirmed by other workers" They tried human lung and renal cells but it didn't work, so they they tried monkey lung cells and many others, and those didn't work. Finally, they used monkey kidney cells, even through measles doesn't affect monkey kidneys. And we are told that viruses do not often "jump" species easily. Also, the antibiotics they added to the mixture are specifically deadly to kidney cells.

The recent papers are no better.

Once again, I appreciate all of the great work you and your team are doing.

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