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You knocked the head of the snake!

Kissinger's NSSM-200 published in 1974 is one of the key documents on how to use USAID help to reduce the global population and it calls for the reduction of the population of the below 13 countries:

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil

"National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200)"

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Brilliant article. Malthus is alive and well and living in every single clot shot.

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Thanks for excellent writing on subjects requiring courage and diligence.

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Outstanding article ツ

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The Arrogant elites have never had any problem forcing their own agenda on poor folks

What these elites miss is a simple concept...karma...

Comes around goes around

We all live in the same oceans atmospheres and on the same land

Tis a small planet

As you mentioned, some things won't wash away

We all thirst...

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There's apparently a three-pronged approach being used - plague (with the"vaccines" acting as the "kill shot" and sterilizing females), war, and induced famine (the theft of grain from Ukraine, diverted to Russia from the countries for which it was intended, which are dependent for most of their food - Egypt gets 85% of its grain - from Ukraine. The countries dependent on grain from Ukraine tended to have low "vaccination" rates, probably because "vaccination" was shown to have an ulterior motive... so starvation would be an alternate route, and combined with resultant civil conflict could result in deep population reductions.

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Very good article. Thank you. The more we find out about what evil has gone on, the easier it is to clearly see what is going on!

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Dr. Michael Yeadon and you, A Midwestern Doctor, appear to be taking the lead in raising the alarm about the depopulationists. I know Dr. Yeadon reads many other writers on substack. I hope he reads your writing. The fundamental truth is that humans are morbidly fascinated with population reduction on the grounds of an alleged scarcity of resources, whether it is food, energy, or more broadly the environment. I find most disturbing that Sir David Attenborough, now 95 years old, gets to devote time in the nature programs he narrates to the need to reduce the human population. Not in those precise words, but there is no mistaking his central message. This after the depopulationists have been consistently wrong about our success in increasing capacity to feed our growing population.

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According to "The Real Anthony Fauci" by Robert Kennedy, Jr., Bill Gates and Company sterilized 1,000,000 Kenyan women by telling them the vaccine was to prevent tetanus...

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How do you explain the currently open southern border and the massive influx of young fertile adults?

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Can we support 40 billion people on the planet with the quality we'd need to thrive and be healthy?

Subsisting on wheat and rice permanently malnourished or eating organic grass fed meat, fish and eggs, are two very different things.

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I’m still reading this excellent piece of writing but this stuck out for me because I think many Americans either consume stevia as an alternative sweetener or use metformin to lower their insulin/glucose.

The USA has an epidemic of metabolic syndrome and obesity. You also don’t need to be over weight to have metabolic syndrome so it can go un diagnosed.

“Many other factors also influence testosterone levels and fertility. Two of the more interesting examples are metformin, a very commonly used medication for diabetes that has the curious side effect of reducing testosterone (which can be debilitating for older men who are already deficient in testosterone), and the widely used sugar replacement stevia, which has been repeatedly studied for its testosterone reducing and contraceptive properties.”

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I may be wrong but I don’t think the elite are patient enough to reduce the population by sterilisation alone.

I predict deliberate murder of adults as a complementary, messier & much faster method and alternative to warfare. War doesn’t kill many people compared with demicide. 20th century records suggest 6X as many killed by their own governments then by all wars, internal plus external.

It’s important to note this: there is no pandemic. There’s not been a pandemic.

So rushing out “vaccines” is wholly nefarious & money cannot possibly be the motive. They’re in control of the very money creation processes.

The conditions are set up to permit ready mass murder by administration of adjusted “vaccines” for which no clinical safety data is to be required.

Governments have already overseen mass murder in the low millions by policy & “vaccination”. I think it’s incumbent on us to show why I’m not correct to predict they’ll continue to do this, as well as reduce fertility.

Especially as there are ready means to do it with plausible deniability.

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75 years ago today (April 3rd, 1947) in the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial (doctorstrial.substack.com) the defense attempted to introduce evidence of practices in the United States and elsewhere to show that non-voluntary experimentation was not universally regarded as wrong.

The American prosecutor argued: "Your Honor, the Prosecution will stipulate that experimentations throughout the world is permissible on voluntary subject, and will stipulate that fact, but will not stipulate that experimentation is admissible or permissible on non-volunteers in any section of the world." (https://doctorstrial.substack.com/p/1947-04-03b)

That was then. Today members of the FDA VRBAC panel think "we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it" to children.

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Thank you! Your articles are always informative and educational. I appreciate how much time and effort you must put in to each one.

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Also-holy cow! ( no pun intended) I never want to hear an Indian complain about the British again after reading what their own people did to them.


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