Re-posted from elsewhere: The lies are so transparent at this point that if you still can’t see through them then you’re practically an NPC as far as I'm concerned. That’s not a dig at democrats at all, it’s a dig at anyone still fooled by this con this late in the game.

The FDA has been hiding massive Pfizer COVID vaccine damage & death since as early as Feb of 2021 (meanwhile the CDC chief has been lying directly into our faces by telling us the vaccines are safe and effective throughout the rest of that year):

http://tritorch.com/HiddenVaccineDamageAndDeath [image]

So of course the FDA needs another 55 years in order to release the rest of this data:

http://tritorch.com/FDAWants77Years [image]

The CEO of Pfizer and the EU Commission Chief are in love, so together they've decided that mandating blanket injections and vax passports is what's good for Europeans:

http://tritorch.com/matchMadeInHeaven [image]

The near universal global ban on Ivermectin and HCQ, the lockdowns, the six feet, the masking, the mandates, and most importantly of all _the vax passports_ were strategies all orchestrated and enforced from a place that resides above the sovereignty of nations at the very top of the global power structure.

That practically every nation on the planet all moved in lockstep to adopt these strategies simultaneously while using eerily similar language to explain the reasoning for them - and all for a cold virus with a survivability rating of 99.85% - should tell you in big G.L.A.R.I.N.G. letters that the nations themselves and the politicians that run them are merely the puppets of a higher authority. Here's one:

http://tritorch.com/KlausSchwabWEF [video 1min]

And finally, here is Maajid Nawaz detailing this globalists' con to Joe Rogan - leaving him speachless:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/8JHGfuJSXd71 [video 2min]

The only way out of this onslaught of medical tyranny is to burn the entire system down because the system is rotten to the core and is woven together by blanket webs of interlocking incestuous corruption. It cannot be untangled or fixed as each corrupted entanglement has a stranglehold on the ones surrounding it. It can only be demolished and rebuilt from scratch.


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One way the members of the NIH COVIS guidelines committee were able to hide their financial conflicts of interest was that they were only asked to disclose conflicts occurring within the prior 11 months. When Shark Attkisson looked at their financial conflicts over the past several years she found 16 total members had financial conflicts with Gilead

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"For those interested, I’ve spent decades tracking those “forgotten cures” down, and while I have found many for one reason or another were oversold and didn’t really work, I also found many others that were highly effective."

Before reading any further, please count me as one interested. I'd be extremely grateful if you'd do a post (or series) on "forgotten cures" that you consider effective.

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You are one of the very best writers on Substack! Your research and wisdom is appreciated; I always look forward to your insight and ideas. Thank you for taking the time to educate us!

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The revolving door between government bureaucracies and Big Pharma/Big Med is spinning faster than Max Verstappen's turbosupercharger.

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Everyone in medicine is taught to defer to the judgement of a doctor. Hence if you want to do some type of medical treatment and the doctor does not “approve” it, you can’t. In nursing textbooks, it is repeatedly hammered in to always defer to a doctors judgement. Nurses for context typically spend significantly more time with patients where they can see and in their hearts question the human cost of an enforced medical regimen. In contrast, physicians (the ones with authority over the patient) due to their time constraints, typically spend very little time with their patients and are much more detached and isolated from them. This results in the human connection that should be necessary in medical decision making being bypassed, and that same organizational structure has been used by numerous inhumane systems in the past.

This RIGHT HERE. I have been in healthcare for 14 years. ICU RN for 5 years. Went back for MSN and DNP and thankful to work in private practice not for a corporate healthcare facility. Like you, I ran from corporate as fast as I could. I wish we could end this physician hierarchy mentality and appreciate what everyone that spent the time we all did in school bring to the table. Thank you for this amazing post. We are on the same page my friend.

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Another magnum opus!!! So grateful to you, AMWD

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This is an excellent and illuminating article. I have shared with many. I hope you are working on a book.

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Excellent article. I believe "completing" should read "competing" in the following passage: A variety of completing schools of medicine were removed from the United States, and the practice of medicine was monopolized (for those curious, it is detailed within this freely available classic).

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Ultimately, the medical and pharmaceutical industries along with their regulatory enablers are going to destroy the one thing that this farce relies upon: the normally unquestioned trust in doctors and medical science. The question is: how many of us will survive the interim?

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Doctors think of lawyers as a waste of money--mostly useless. But doctors typically use lawyers as shields, when lawyers are best used as swords.

"2. The federation of state medical boards put out a statement that publicly promoting any type of COVID “misinformation" (ie. mask efficacy, early treatment options, vaccine safety concerns) could be used to take away your license."

If you wanted to use a lawyer as a sword, you might have a lawyer send a "cease and desist" letter to the federation, with the implied threat of a lawsuit if the warning is ignored.

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Midwest Doc... Brilliant! You are dead on the money here! I have seen the same picture in my career and you have reported it accurately and far better than this burned out old doc could ever do... Peace and Hope!

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Regarding the indoctrination of medical students. Now medical school applicants are required to submit an essay regarding their desires and plans to bring social justice and equity to their future practice of medicine. Instead of the traditional physician's Hippocratic primary responsibility to benefit the individual patient and "above all, do no harm", the potential initiates must demonstrate their allegiance to benefiting the collective. By selecting the most "woke" applicants, the medical schools will be assured of having a compliant student body to later define exactly what it is that benefits the collective. Perhaps population control, eugenics, human experimentation, transhumanism, etc.

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back in the 1980’s i took a nutrition class at my local community college because it was a topic that interested me. that $50. course fee probably had the greatest impact on my good health in the ensuing years to date. last year my doctor asked me what i eat that gets me the great labs (knock on wood, thanks to the Lord.)

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I too would like to hear more about the forgotten cures. It was an excellent article, thank you

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The Medical Mafia in Action - Offering Isotropic Humanicide Services Worldwide


AHA = Assisted Humanicide Association

AMA = American Murder Association

CDC = Center for Death and Corruption

DIC = Drugs Industrial Complex

DHS = Defense for Humanicide Services

FDA = Fraud and Death Association

HHS = Holistic Humanicide Services

MD = Most Deplored

NIAID = Novel Inquisition for Allergic and Infectious Dogmas

NIH = Nihilism In Healthcare

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

WHO = William Henry (III)'s Omnipotence

Dr. Red Pill Fact Check:

 Glendale Adventist Hospital


 These people deserve the credit for the deaths of nearly a million Americans


 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug.

 The sicker America is, the richer the Drugs Industrial Complex (DIC)

 No curing is allowed, ever. Treating symptoms assures recurring revenues.

 Natural healing methods are relegated to Quackery.

 An empire of Lies, Corruption, Degeneracy, and Death run by a Covidian Cult.

NB: You’re free to post the above text anywhere free speech is tolerated.

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