Thanks for your tireless work and the excellent data analysis you provide us with.

Whereever do you find the time to actually practice medicine, or do you toil through the night writing these articles?

As they say: sleep is overrated. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Meanwhile there's more work to do and humanity to save.

Kudos to you, dear indefatigable Midwestern Doctor, who took the sworn oath to "First Do No Harm" seriously.

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And imagine what the real number of searches would have been had auto search suggestions not been filtered out ... https://leemuller.substack.com/p/leave-no-question-unanswered

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Jun 21, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Exploring and synthesizing multiple data sources is fundamental to getting to the truth of any topic. Here is a great example of exploring alternate data to help connect dots and validate other findings. Great job!

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Thank you for your work friend

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Jun 21, 2022·edited Jun 21, 2022

One thing that will humble you is an Internet search for what you 'thought' was a super original idea. But, it's kind of sweet because it connects you to humanity and in a weird way,you feel less alone knowing other people have inventive ideas just like you. Yeah, you feel a bit less special but you also feel less weird (LOL).

Searching for common crisis and finding out humanity is def-con suffering but the news [fuck you news bullshitters, thanks for NOTHING, ya pansy asses] <--but I digressed....

So there's this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE 'nothing to see here' gaslighting going on now.

The Jews were the canaries in the coal mine if anyone remembers some of the terrifying videos coming out of Bitchute via Israel post 'vaxxx'.

Growing up I never quite trusted our government, our hospitals and our monetary system.

Now? I KNOW not t o trust.

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AMD - I love that you and Steve Kirsch are coordinating your articles, approaching data and ideas from various (and quite brilliant) angles — something that our “authorities” and “experts” are not doing.

These experimental shots are a massive clinical trial on all of humanity; you, Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, and others are conducting the crucial data and thought experiments that are not being done by those who should be doing them.

By explaining your thought processes, you make us all better critical thinkers. (Admittedly I’ll never become a math or data geek; however, I greatly appreciate those geeks who are kind enough to explain difficult eye-glazing concepts in ways math-challenged people like me can grasp.)

On a somewhat humorous note: I’m so grateful that the Communist State of Oregon was slow rolling these horrible shots early on. Those delays probably saved my life, giving me time to explore the facts on my own. To this day, I give thanks to a commenter in The Epoch Times for referencing some weird platform called “bitchute,” which I thought must be a hacking site due to its name. Little did I know, bitchute offered a place for video producers to share non-mainstream-narrative information with people seeking truth.

Two tiny suggestions:

1. On time lines and date references, please always include the years. As we move further away in time from the beginning of this ordeal, specifying the year is extremely helpful.

2. I found the little circles on the charts “marked below” difficult to see. If you have the time (perhaps in the future), could you include larger, downward facing colored arrows for those of us with old eyes and/or small screens ⬇️?

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Jun 22, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Love your commitment to helping others around the world and your tireless detail to getting the word out to those less informed. I send all my friends this information to Farcebook Messenger, that way I don’t get put in jail from the “fact checkers”. Found this bit of info from another whistleblower who worked at Pfizer - we have snake venom as one of the adjunct, which you may already know about.


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It's too bad there wasn't a chart/metrics for those of us who have actually witnessed people in our own lives who have had adverse reactions. As someone who knows 7 people whose lives are no longer the same after the experimental gene therapy, I have a feeling the number would be in the multi-millions. Most of us know that reactions to shots of any kind are rarely ever reported and most people won't even admit that it could have possibly been the shot that caused it. It's amazing that "vaccines" are pretty much the only product in the world that is so "safe and effective" (especially an experimental one with ingredients that are so super secret that, to my knowledge, no one even really knows what's in them) that it's impossible to have any kind of reaction to them. Unbelievable.

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Thank you for all you do and all the time you invest. You're appreciated!

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I agree. Correlation is not causation but correlation means we absolutely need to research the issue further. Furthermore, "correlation is not causation" should never be used to dismiss dangerous medicine. People need to look at the facts on both sides of the issue, not just censor one side to push a narrative. And in medicine, doctors in the US take an oath to "do no harm". It seems they are ignoring their oath. I wonder if they could be sued for that. Especially since some vaccines in the US had no safety insert in the box, which is required by US law. One pharmacist found this out, posted a pic on social media, and was immediately fired. Why fire someone unless they are too close to the unpleasant truth?

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For me, the correlation-causation issue has always been very straightforward. The vaccinators must bear the burden of proof here. From the moment we saw spikes in VAERS reports, the vaccinators bore the burden of proving beyond reasonable doubt that this spike is attributable to something other than adverse events caused by the vaccine. They have completely failed to meet that burden.

Simply claiming “correlation doesn’t equal causation” doesn’t cut it. Not even close. So it is possible that the spike in VAERS reports and related Google searches may be caused by some other phenomenon. But I will continue to believe and act as though the vaccines are the causes of these spikes unless and until the vaccinators prove otherwise. That our regulators, elected officials, establishment media, establishment science, etc., reversed this burden of proof was a grave miscarriage of justice and a crime against humanity.

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Thank you for another great article. Your efforts are so appreciated. A thought just popped into my mind: we will have made considerable progress when you no longer have to remain anonymous!

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Have you thought about starting a new medical society, not centered around allopathic medicine, but scientifically grounded nonetheless, that could one day create a state board? Maybe start in one state and grow outwards?

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"Correlation does not equal causation" is a meaningless statement. "Correlation" (say, between some variables) is an observable statistical quantity. "Causation", on the other hand, is a concept, which people hallucinate, because it is how human brain works. For example, the complement to "causation" is "randomness", which is also a hallucination - when things do not work the same way from what looks like the same initial set-up, people cope out by saying that the process is "random".

With that said, of course "correlation does not equal causation", the former is a measurable datum, while the latter is a matter of choice in a model, which is purported to predict future events from presently available data. Different people may hallucinate different models. One may include "causation" into their model, if the correlation in the available data is strong enough, so that a deterministic connection between what is now and what is in the future would still provide acceptable accuracy of the forecast. Another may choose to model the same event via a stochastic process, should they choose so for their own purposes. Any lack of accuracy stemming from the choice of the model is the problem of whoever came up with it, no more than that.

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Although nobody knows what exactly is in the “covid” vials, there are certainly severe “side effects” of the injections. In response to the popular argument that “correlation does not equal causation,” it occurred to me that certain activators may be used for a large variety of potential conditions.

Originally, it turned out that certain harmful ingredients in some batches remained dormant until they became activated by other ingredients in later batches.

Logic allows for the assumption that such activators do not have to be in the vials. After all, self-spreading "vaccines" are now probably present from person to person, so pushing the "vaccines" stopped being all that important... And the mysterious contents of chemtrails are also omnipresent...

This is just another variable that serves the purpose of plausible deniability, because the number of conditions emerging is several hundreds, if not thousands, and their emergence also comes with timed delays in order to avoid mass symptoms (that can and has been done in order to ensure the appearance of a "pandemic").

Of course, this is all conjecturing, but when everything points in the same direction, conjecturing can be quite useful, especially when access to authentic information is severely restricted.

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A lot of people will not have searched, because it would not cross their minds that there could be a link to what they were experiencing and the jabs. For example, flare ups of rheumatism and arthritis afterwards - I know of a lot of people who experienced that, inflammatory conditions that worsened, typically they got better after a few months - they didn't make the link. I would guess that few would link tinnitus to the jab. And of course when they do a Google search, they get a highly edited answer, that the vaccines are safe and effective.

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