The first lie that must be dispensed with is that there ever was a pandemic.

Repeating that lie covers up the criminal acts that occurred in hospitals and nursing homes which were the justification for the phony pandemic and falsely catapulted the Big Lie that there was some dangerous "novel virus" that threatened people- there wasn't.

There was no "pandemic."

It’s imperative that everyone stop ceding ground to these fascists by reifying the Big Lie that "Covid" is a unique disease and that it is responsible for a global pandemic.

"Covid" the disease is pure fiction. All the rest of it (biolabs / batsoup / bioweapons / lableaks) is political theatre and bread and circuses. They gamed the system to code for "covid deaths."

This has never had anything to with what is nothing more than a computer-generated genome falsely attributed to a novel pathogen. It is a global conspiracy by the worlds transnational ruling class which was planned out and war-gamed at the WEF, the central bankers summit in Jackson Hole, and at Event 201.

Once you get people to assent to a world that makes no sense you can get them to do anything. That's precisely what the Covid Cult is: it competes with the real world. Strategy of tension, mass mind manipulation, a psychological operation, the general population hypnotised right in front of your eyes.

99% of people falsely certified as having ‘died from covid’ actually died from their preexisting conditions being exacerbated by mass medical malpractice and ‘public health’ despotism, the other 1% simply died of old age.

Translation: No one has "died from Covid" as “Covid” is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, “flu” and many other disease conditions

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This is all just so insane.

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Excellent. ...Big pharma, "(which is now desperate for new proprietary drugs)." Why? Because most of their crappy drugs over the last 40 years have been failures.

Every time I have been prescribed a drug, they tell me I will be on it for life. No way...I don't take any drugs anymore.

Modern stone age medicine is one big pile of KA-KA. Be very careful where you step and in no way get your annual mRNA injections. There is no verifiable proof that any vaccine works let alone mRNA injections.

Are they going to do trials every year for new boosters to see if they are compatible with previous boosters? No fricking way. The risk factor, as always will remain hidden or unknown.

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Do they force the flu "vaccine" on people? I've never taken it in my entire life.

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I wish I had found this substack earlier. I realized by April 2020 that covid was not dangerous to young otherwise healthy people. My medical office opened back up and I went back to work. I offered to help anyone who was sick or felt they needed to stay home. When the masks went on I knew something was wrong and the whole masking issue quickly became a creepy cultish delusional nightmare. Then this operation warp speed started and I had a HUGE sense of dread.

MIdwestern doc, you said you underestimated how dangerous the shots would be. I will tell you again I wish I knew you back then. Because what I thought when Trump et al announced Warp speed , was that we were going to have a government induced mass casualty evenT. Because when in the history of humanity has government ever actually really solved or fixed a problem?

Inflation is created by gov and everything gov does makes it worse. Drug abuse is exacerbated by the fact that these substances are illegal and the so called "drug war" makes the problem worse.

Everything gov touches it destroys its practically a fact of nature.

SO these vaxes were rushed and then ... then ... they started MANDATING them. So a non-sterilizing shot being forced on otherwise healthy not at risk people for an absolute risk reduction of less than one percent at best?! When those mandates were announced I was sick! I was horrified. I thought back to when I was 14 -15 years old sitting in an after school Jewish program learning about totalitarian movements, genocides, human medical experimentation.

I thought that the Obama care act was the last straw for me. With obamacare, the government was forcing you to buy a private product and claiming the right to punish you if you didnt. But with the covid shots, the gov was forcing you to inject yourself with an experimental substance or risk persecution.

I immediately thought ( I tend to catastrophize) that this will not end well.

And it is most definitely NOT ending well!

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It hits the mainstream, though, in Au...


Americans call for safety check on Covid vaccines

Almost 60 per cent of Americans want Congress to investigate Covid-19 vaccines and 7 per cent say they’ve experienced ‘major side effect.’


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💬 When you look at the chronology [...] it should be clear that this was all methodologically planned out from the start.

Speaking of chronology, here’s a fascinating timeline of the progenitor of covid deceptions’ clade, in all its monumental glory --> https://brownstone.org/articles/timeline-the-proximal-origin-of-sars-cov-2/ 🤦

Naturally, it takes a longread to chart 🙂

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Another great article Doc. Thank you. On your question of whether depopulation is part of this fiasco. I believe yes, of course it is, because it’s happening and the powers that be are taking no steps to stop it. In fact they’re encouraging more uptake. There’s only so many ways we can take that.

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I hesitate to share this, but first off I want to say I feel doctors do more harm than good


Now,when I was maybe seven or e eight years old, living in my second foster home , the Jewish family agency asked me, had I been circumcised.

I did not have a way to know that this literally means cutting a circcle of skin off the tip of my penis.

The social workers sic said, when I asked. What does that mean, they said, well, then you haven't.

Then they did it and badly.

I bled for two weeks after.

I remember the goddammm drugs they knocked my under with.

Count back from 100, I got to like 97.

I woke up bleeding.

Two weeks later I was still bleeding.

Then the foster father, Eugene Horowitz, married to Lotte Horowitz, beat me with a towel,left a mark on my face,he told me to say it was from the foster brother Stueart if anyone asked in school.

No one asked.

No one ever cared about me at all

The Harmacide scamdemic has always been the story of my life

I wish you doctors were not the murderous terrorists you have indeed proven to be

Thank you for being honest

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This is one of your best, and honestly, all of your articles have been dynamite. Thank you for what you do to keep the public informed.

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thank you for this article. I hope you could avoid the jabs. I totally agree, that unless an emergency occurs, doctors should not jab or operate on people who cannot decide for themselves. No child should be mutilated, and I think circumcision is a mutilation. Of course I had my ears pierced at age 2. I love wearing earrings but don't know if I would have done it when adult LOL. I avoid piercings of all kinds including syringes when possible, but understand some are necessary (like when a tooth is pulled or a surgery is unavoidable). As to propaganda, there is an excellent Youtube from Sharyl Attkisson from about 6 years ago, explaining how it is done.

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The Pharma business model includes now the planned engineering of the virus, as the Pfizer exec caught on camera explains:


Meanwhile, the ICD10 codex was just populated with a designation for unvaccinated for Covid, and subcategories to annotate whether the status is religious based...Welcome to the CCP.

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Excellent article as usual! Just ordered Too Much Magic on my kindle.

Yes, please do write more about the FDA! 🙏

And finally... Febreze is completely terrible.🤢

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Businesses without ethics, whose single goal is maximum and rapid profit for their owners, are not good; first of all they are not good for their own employees. Depending of the business, they can be harmful for human populations-(pharma, food industry) and ecosystems.

There is no perfect social order, only in utopian dreams. I do not think the problem is with governments, but with the fact they are not independent. National govs are loosing their power, they act mostly for the interest of multinational corporations, and not in the interest of their people.

Political figures became a sort of marketing agents. They are just puppets acting not for the public good, but for those who pay and blackmail them. I think you agree that it is very disturbing that people like Bill Gates who has no medical education gives orders regarding vaccination, threatens us with new pandemics; Ursula von der Leyen, EU comission president (elected by nobody) urged the entire EU population to get vaccinated and signed contracts for 10 doses/ EU citizen, contracts that nobody saw, even repeatedly requested by EU parliament.

During the past 3 years we observed governments which lacked any power, they just implemented useless and harmful rules, breaking their own laws. How was this possible? By corruption and intimidation, which has been developped during past decades.

A reestablishment of independent political power who can regulate and mediate all activities, including the economical sphere, for the benefit of those who are governed, may be the solution. Not the state is the problem, but the state used by and for the interests of the few.

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"the FDA is suggesting biannual vaccines for “high-risk” groups"

Biannual is every two years; I think you mean semiannual (twice a year)?

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