As a (now retired) attorney with some professional experience with the SSDI system, and some personal experience in applying for SSDI due to a medical condition (and winning a ‘closed period award’ for the length of time the condition prevented me from working) let me add a couple data points.

First, on historical average, only 22% of individuals who file an application ultimately get approved.

Second, on appeal after a claim is denied, about 13% of those who appeal ultimately get approved.

Third, on appeal (after the initial denial, and the 2nd denial) to an Administrative Law Judge about 60% of those who take it to that stage get approved. But, that represents only about 2% of those who made an initial claim. That is because most claims are abandoned before they get to the point where the case is heard by a judge. The process is miserable, demeaning, and the goal of the system is to deny the claim.

Fourth, for the vast majority of those who ultimately get approved, it can take years. From the date I filed my initial claim, until my hearing date, 4 years and 3 months elapsed. 3 more months of waiting for a decision and then after the Judge approved the award, another 5 months elapsed before SSA paid the award. So in total, it took 5 years from the time I filed until I received the award. In addition, I did not file my initial claim until 18 months after the disability occurred. So from the date I became disabled (under the legal definition and based on the court concurrence as to the date disability began), 6.5 years elapsed before I received the award (which was a single lump sum). By that time, my condition had been treated over a period of 3 years and I had been back to work for 2 years.

If you look at the statistics from 2009-17, the % of approvals was trending down. If my recollection is correct, during those years the % approved either stayed flat or declined every year. They rose slightly and/or stayed flat up until 2021 and are now on the rise, as pointed out in the article.

So the point to all of the above is threefold. First, more than 75% of applicants who file a claim are denied. Second, the process is miserable and takes 2 years or more to complete. Third, if indeed those who are attributing the rise to the jab are correct, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. My own personal experience and my legal experience allows me to say with certainty that a high percentage of valid claims are abandoned along the way…because the process itself, and the way lawyers are compensated is designed to deny claims and ultimately force people to give up.

Given the length of time it can take to go through the process, and the massive backlog that exists in nearly every jurisdiction for a hearing before an ALJ, we should expect to see a continued rise in both initial applications and approvals.

A thorough analysis would need to look at historical data for applications, approvals (at the various stages), and the medical conditions for which approvals were granted. The data is all public, although it would take a massive effort to find it, import it, and ultimately analyze it to determine if what we are seeing on the surface can be proven with the historical data.

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AMD, if you would like someone to analyze the VAERS database for the stroke pokes, I can do that for you. The data is downloadable and importable into a queryable database which allows for extensive analysis of the horrific damage and death caused by the COVID vaccines.

Here is an example of a query I ran for someone last October - they wanted all the COVID entries for the keyword 'nightmare':


Let me know if this is something you are interested in.

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You are a high wattage person, Midwestern Doctor. Thanks for this.

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Great analysis! I am more worried about Igor’s death statistics analysis between South Africa and Portugal to be verified by Spain in the next few weeks. As Steve Kirsch points out, some percentage of disabilities end as deaths.

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Meanwhile I am desperate to work but please Dear Lord I don't want no needles to work. Having big depression due to every job seems to want hacksxxxxxination.

The money aspect might get the US of Arrogance to wake up, sure hope so.

Of course this is why we had to give Bill Gates all those billions, Albert bourla gotta hurla...

So I've been typing out my 2010 Grasshopper's Appeal into my substack .

I have gotten the first paid subscriber thank you.

Never thought to get a penny from writing, and I will never charge to read .

Thanks for your work dear.


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Stay away from vaccines............ALL OF THEM!!!

The Truth About Vaccinations – History and Hoax


Vaccine Ingredients and Vaccine Secrets


The Poisoned Needle - Eleanor McBean:


Dr. Andrew Moulden: All Vaccines Cause Ischemia (Impaired Blood Flow) Which Blocks Oxygen Delivery Leading to Chronic Disease




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Great work. I would think it would correlate to vaers reports (though lags there too)

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what a shame that you were not allowed to provide advice to those whose condition you assessed... understand the need for an independent claims assessment, but especially for those whose condition was a result of suboptimal government subsidized care, what a lost opportunity to get the individual on a better path forward.

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Good info - it puts some depth on the Fed's Labor Force Participation Rate (CIVPART) data.

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Quick typo “disability verses” should be versus

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Thank you so much. This is excellent. As devastating as the implications are, it's so helpful to see people find the data that hopefully will turn this around for those who don't yet see it. I fully agree on the intentional destruction of our economy. I have been seeking part time work for months and while there are plenty of jobs out there - thus far, my no-vaxx status has been an issue. (In some cases I know that, in others I suspect that.) Over time, I think that will change. Your voice is essential and I"m very appreciative of your efforts. Blessings.

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Kyrie eleison.

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Keep on keepin' on!

PS - "Disability verses receiving Disability Payments" s/b "versus".

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Another meisterwerk from a rare treasure -- a doctor who thinks & cares. Bless you, AMWD

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Excellent article. Edward Dowd has been extremely prescient, More people need to be exposed to what he is doing.

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The mRNA technology was first developed and tested in the Soviet Union around 1971. As the uncontrollable chain reaction it would start, if implemented in public, was recognized, it was left alone. US research has been focusing on it for decades, too, but I cannot see how the technology could be kept at bay; it would kill off the perpetrators, too, and as mentally-challenged as they might be, I cannot fathom how they could be inept enough to let the genie out of the bottle without knowing how to put it back.

I tend to agree with Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist from Austria, who used to be a leading expert on graphenes until he got terminated seven hours after posting about the genocide carried out with graphene hydroxide (it turns out, the just about omnipresent graphene oxide can also be instructed to turn into graphene hydroxide, which allows for an "elegant" kill switch in the lethal injections). Dr. Noack said that mRNA is a red herring, meant to divert attention from the real causes of killing.

There are too many "variants" of the lethal injections, so plausible deniability is ensured.

What’s in the lethal injections? All these and probably a lot more:





Moreover, the poisons from various sources interact with each other.


And the ingredients keep changing:


Besides the lethal injections, 5G, and chemtrails, of course, the good old ones are around, too. Microplastics, prescription "meds" (not that over-the counter is not poisonous), hormones, psychiatric poisons, contraceptives, and fluoride in the water supply, fear porn and other forms of artificially-induced stress), traditional “vaccines,” non-stick utensils, antiperspirants, GMO and a crazy amount of pesticides in food, cryptic food additives and preservatives, carcinogen artificial sweeteners, flame retardants, and microwaved food... Add the life-threatening outcomes of geoengineering, the fake "medical" science that can cut (often badly or unnecessarily), but cannot diagnose a single thing, yet is out there, poisoning billions of people... And in the last 100 years, they have been and are keeping inventing new conditions and disorders for common poisonings, including the ones caused by their chemicals that they fraudulently label "medications."

The result is, in an extremely-overdone understatement, "disastrously detrimental."

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